Why It’s Important to Get Really Clear About What You Do

I recently went through a transformation in my business – I cut my regular freelance load in half. It was a gutsy move and one that scared the dickens out of me. But a month later, I’m looking at a new freedom. I’m starting on some of my own info products and will be launching

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100-Word Rant on Bad Customer Service

It’s time for a 100-word rant – a new column. Last night, I was craving fries and ice cream. I’m blaming the kid growing in my belly. I don’t normally eat fast food. 

Why Writers Are Still REALLY Important

I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog because I’m a writer. I’m so busy with my writing projects for other people that I’m way behind on my own writing.

Why You Shouldn’t Post Your Email Content to Social Networks

If you’ve spent any time in MailChimp or Constant Contact or any of the other email programs, you have the option to post your newsletter or promotions to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Don’t click those check marks! Why you may ask? It’s robbing you of an opportunity to offer exclusivity to your email

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Your Blog Needs a Life & a Purpose

Everyone tells you that you need a blog. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. That depends on how it will help you grow your business. Blogs can have many focuses and they can enhance the user experience when they visit your website. You can use them to share product updates, tips and tricks, news, thought

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How to Pump a Little Health Into Your Content Marketing

Have you noticed how many people have been hitting the gym and making an attempt to delete the junk from their diets the past couple of weeks? It’s definitely a resolution revolution these first few weeks of January, which means it’s the perfect time to set some goals for pumping a little health into your

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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Writing Q & A Posts

If you ever interview one of your team members or an expert for your blog or newsletter, it’s not as simple as sending them a questionnaire and then posting it to your blog. There’s a strategy behind great Q & A posts. Here’s the quick and dirty guide to writing Q & A posts. The

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Introducing Content Confidential

I’m getting ready to launch my Content Confidential ezine. This twice-monthly newsletter will give you content marketing strategy ideas and insider tips for making your content more concise, compelling and creative. It’s short, sweet and totally share-worthy (like all content should be). Here’s a look at the focus of this poignant little paper. The Editorial Calendar

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The Keys to Success in All Content Marketing & Business

Yesterday, I was honored to have an article featured in Peter Bowerman’s newsletter – the Well-Fed E-Pub. You can see the current and every issue here. I just received a response to my article on Content Marketing 101 from a writer who is looking to make the plunge into freelance writing. She mentioned that she didn’t

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Is Your Content Content?

I love homonyms. At first glance, the title of this post looks like I made a mistake, but I didn’t. The post is all about getting content with our content. When you become content (i.e. happy, laid back) with your content (info up for discussion/sharing with your audience), you’re walking on thin ice. Sure, formulaic

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